First-Ever Fiction Sale Now Up at Weird Tales Magazine

My good friend and Clarion compadre Greg Bossert did the video and soundtrack: it’s brilliant, better than I could have wished for.

Link to the website here.  Click on through.  If enough people do, maybe the new ownership will leave it up for a while.  One can hope, anyway.

Small Episodes

Something I’ve noticed in the long-form fiction I’ve been writing lately is that my stories do not fall readily into the traditional chapter breaks one might normally expect in genre fiction.  Maybe it’s all the lit-fic I’ve read over the years, but I find what works best for me, structurally, is something akin to what Roberto Bolaño did with 2666, which is to break the story up into large sections which themselves are broken into much smaller pieces (generally 500-2500 words, at least in my case), which flow more or less continuously on into one another. Continue reading “Small Episodes”

Victorius Revolution Update

So, I know I’ve been pretty bad about getting new story segments up this past week or so.  My apologies to those who’re reading it as I write and wondering what happened; I got caught up in a side project (that I can’t talk about; and yes, it’s totally awesomely cool (but enough about that)).  But that’s all over now, and, aside from my regularly-scheduled life, and getting ready for Burning Man, and a couple of other things, I’m now back in the saddle, writing-wise, and will be posting new content regularly very soon.  I even wrote a few hundred words today, but I didn’t want to put them up because I haven’t finished the section and I want it to be a surprise what happens.  Hopefully tomorrow or the next day.

I really am going to start concentrating on this.  I promise. Continue reading “Victorius Revolution Update”