Heavy Lies the Burden

Most of the time, writing is like pulling your own teeth out with a pair of tweezers.  The words themselves may come easy (they mostly always have for me), but the story, that thing behind the words that’s what most people actually care about, lurks there, at the bottom of the socket, hiding amongst identically-shaped fragments that constitute the various distractions and wrong turns every writer knows all too intimately and which the reader rarely sees but can only intuit the existence of.

But sometimes, blessed be, your creative subconscious will just upload a whole story into your brain, fully-formed and ready to be written; all you have to do is get to it fast enough to get it on paper (or screen) before it fades into the mist.  Before a couple of nights ago, that had only happened to me once.  Now it’s happened twice.

It was on the way home from World Fantasy Con Continue reading “Heavy Lies the Burden”