Narrative Crept

Well, Turing Test is coming up on 25000 words, and though the end is in sight it’s still a few thousand words away. Which leaves me with a long novella that’s still well short of even the most liberal interpretation of the word “novel.”

Which is alright, because I’ve come to realize something in the last few days.  Turing Test is probably not going to be a standalone story.

There are a few reasons. Continue reading “Narrative Crept”

Narrative Creep

So for the last six weeks or so I’ve been working on a rewrite for a novelette I wrote at the beginning of the summer, another in a series of shorter works I’ve been breaking off of GoATDaD and the Army of Monkeys, the massive narrative tapestry and hydra-headed monster I’ve been wrestling with off and on ever since I decided to become serious about being a writer.  The original version was about 9000 words long, and was fairy well-received when I workshopped it with my crit group (Horrific Miscue Seattle, as lovely and talented a collection of spec-fictionating badasses as one might ever hope to work with).

“You could probably sell this if you already had a name,” somebody said, which I thought was pretty funny, and a really nice compliment. Continue reading “Narrative Creep”