“Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?”

Not that people ask me this much, but they might someday, if I ever manage to submit something publishable to the right editor.  And I’ve got a story I’m revising that’s kicking my arse right now, so any excuse to not work on that is deeply welcome.  At least here I’m still quote-unquote writing.

So where do my ideas come from?  A few have obvious inspirations (I have a draft of a story detailing the thoughts of a man falling to his death after reading a story in which some nameless red-shirt fell to his death, for instance).  For the most part they just seem to pop into my head from out of nowhere, usually at really inconvenient times and only very occasionally when I’m actually at the keyboard writering away at something.  There are some people (Steven Pressfield, for instance) who believe such inspiration to be divine, a whisper from eternity.  Others, like Kate Wilhelm and Damon Knight, place its source in their own subconscious, in an entity they name the Silent Partner and Fred, respectively, an entity who can be communicated with, but never spoken to, as such, and who can be trained, or at least encouraged, to focus and produce.

Myself I likely fall more into the latter camp, though I’m open to the notions of the former, as well.  I see mine as Continue reading ““Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?””