A Failure of Enlightenment

I’m both proud and ashamed of myself this morning, because last night I did evil in the service of good, or so it seems to me.  It was my girlfriend’s company holiday party (usually well after the actual holidays for those of us in the Industry, for obvious reasons), and though I had a soccer match that kept me away for the first half, I tagged along for the latter part of the evening while she and her co-workers got silly and cut loose, as folks will do in such situations.  Having run for most of ninety minutes, I wasn’t in much of a mood to join in, and spent the evening on the fringes conversing with friends and watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on the tv behind the bar.  I had a total of three drinks over the course of three hours.

Around 1am, it was decided that there should be karaoke, and the party absconded to the closest bar where karaoke was known to occur.  I shan’t say which, only that if there were a French Quarter for hipsters, this joint would be in the heart of it.  Garish, lurid, and loud as absolute fuck, though the staff was friendly and fun.

Except for the karaoke guy.

Now, one thing about my girl, she loves to sing her some karaoke.  And she absolutely kills it.  She’s got a beautiful voice, and inhabits the stage as if it were her natural environment (really, she’s one of the most charismatic people I’ve ever known personally).  So of course first thing she does when we get there is go try and sign up.  But karaoke guys blows her off.  She mentions it’s her company party, that she bartends around the corner.  Offers him fifty dollars cash.  He calls her a dumb bitch and tells her to fuck off.  He spat so much contempt into her psyche it nearly derailed the good feeling the whole party had going.

So I called him out. Continue reading “A Failure of Enlightenment”