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Restaurant Algebra, or The Funny Stuff People Do When Splitting a Tab

Some days in the bar are easy. Some days it’s like every high maintenance person in a ten-block radius decided they needed your help and attention all at once. Yesterday was one of those days. I had a pretty busy happy hour in the bar, which was fine, though a clogged printer in the kitchen … Continue reading

Fourteen Years After

I wanted to write something about 9/11 today, even though most anything worth saying has been said and said again many times over the years. I think in the end my hero Charlie Pierce got it right when he wrote that “the sad, lasting legacy of that day 14 years ago today, and of all … Continue reading

No, You May Not Use My Image for Commercial Purposes Without Compensating Me

So an interesting thing happened to me when I went into work yesterday at my new job tending bar at Monsoon. I came in, put away my bag, chatted a bit with the manager, and started doing┬áthe things you do to open a bar. I decided a cup of coffee sounded like a good idea, … Continue reading


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