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This Is What Democracy Looks Like, a Report from the Washington State Caucuses

However annoying it gets, however inevitably disorganized and ad hoc, the same thought always runs through my head when I’m at one: This is what democracy looks like. Continue reading


Planting Seeds in Common Ground, or Why Don’t These A-holes Agree With Me?

If you actually want to change someone’s mind, and not just fight them, you have to establish some common ground. Then you can plant a seed. And if you’re lucky, it’ll grow. Continue reading

About This Whole Hillary/Bernie Thing

While I think Bernie should keep running at least until the convention, because what he’s saying and doing is so important, I think it’s best to take a realistic view of things. Clinton will most likely be the Democratic nominee, and the general election is going to be brutal whether she faces Trump, Cruz, or some magical conservative unicorn nominated by fiat in the rubble of a contested Republican convention. Continue reading

Trump Trolled

I know a lot has happened in the days since the confrontation in Chicago between protesters and supporters at the cancelled Trump rally. But I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and come to a conclusion that, while I’ve seen it hinted at here and there, I haven’t seen anyone explicitly say. The whole thing … Continue reading


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