Summer Writing Schedule

One of the problems with having such an active little monkey brain as I do is that I am almost constantly overwhelmed by shiny new ideas for stories and projects, occasionally to the detriment of the projects I’m already working on.  A few weeks ago I made a summer writing schedule, and I did my absolute bestest to scale back my ambitions to a more reasonable scope than can usually compass them.

Guess how that worked out.

It’s okay, though.  I am still pleased with my progress.  Part of what happened is I got this snazzy new job tending bar at one of Seattle’s hottest new restaurants (, which I’m really digging and which gave birth to this.  Part of it just that sometimes writing takes longer than you think it will.

Nonetheless, I have thus far this summer managed to finish first drafts of two stories (one of which I’m supposed to be putting the final coat of polish on this very moment for the chapbook for the Benefictions fundraiser my writers’ group, Horrific Miscue, is putting on a week from Thursday).  And, I am within striking distance of finishing a short novelette, which, along with one of the previously mentioned short stories, is an off-shoot from the GoATDaD universe, which I’ve been dreaming up for the last ten years or so, while working on what will eventually become my magnum opus.  I expect some of those projects will end up here at Soft Apocalypse directly, while others may end up doing the short story market rounds first.  Jury’s still out on the details, but I am pretty dedicated to keeping new content appearing here on the regular, fictional and otherwise.

After that, well, there’s more to come for this summer (oh, so very, very much more), including at least one Major Project, but I’m going to save that for its own post and rollout.

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