Another Thousand Words

Added to the draft and the changes uploaded.  Things are taking a bit of a Kafkaesque turn, but I’m pleased with the result.  Our hero is in for some hard times, and only the greatest of injustices will serve for a cause, even if it is a banal, believeable injustice.  Those who’ve paid for the –ahem– privilege of following the proceedings may not find your curiosities satisfied just yet, but perhaps there will be some amusement to be had in the confounding.  It was certainly fun to write.

Draft is still in the 3-4K word stage.  I’d hoped to be farther along, but so far this summer has blessed me with an overabundance of places to be and things to get up to, and while I’m grateful for the density of life-experience, I’m finding it an interesting challenge to integrate it all into an effective life strategy.

It is interesting, from a storytelling perspective, to be working as discontinuously as I have been.  The last major project I did involved working 4-12 hours a day six days a week and making that my main focus.  This time around, I just don’t have that luxury, but I have found that because I have more time between sessions I’m having an easier time figuring out the shape of the story, or at least the part of it I’m working on (which is the part I’d thought about least before starting; it’s the end of this story that matters for the other one).  I think that it’s because my mysterious writerly hinterbrain (what Kate Wilhelm calls her Silent Partner and her late husband Damon Knight called Fred) has more processing time, and so can come to better or more fully-realized conclusions about this thing we’re trying to do together.

It’s just a hypothesis, mind you.  It could be that I’m just finally coming into my genius, and from here on out will know exactly what I’m doing when I sit down in front of a keyboard.

Yeah.  Probably the first thing.  Or luck.

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