Moving Right Along (Updated)

Despite the continuing challenges to my schedule-making skillz, I have managed to make some progress on the Victorius Revolution, though not, of course, as much as I would have liked.  On the plus side, I think I’ve got a fair bit of time I can devote to it in the coming days, so that’s good.

In terms of the story itself, I’ve got parts one and two loosely plotted out (one on actual paper, one in electronic notes; I keep intending to centralize, but when I actually have time to work on the story I’m usually pretty keen on just kicking out prose).  It helps me to know where I’m going when I’m writing, otherwise my fiction turns into a game of existential Grand Theft Auto, and my characters just wander around wondering to themselves what they’re doing.

Mind you, they have to do that a little bit.  At least Lee Victorius does (part of his character arc involves getting used to the idea of having a future and figuring out what he would want to do with one).  But it wouldn’t do to have him disappear up his own philosophical arse-hole too deeply, because that might detract from the gunfire and explosions (there has not been any gunfire or explosions, yet: but there will be, oh boy, will there ever).

At any rate, progress has been made, and I am pleased with the result.  I have introduced a potential love interest (with a fun little arc of her own, which I’m totally not going to tell you about, hee hee hee), set my protagonist up for his next devastating loss and the requisite beating that will accompany it (it’s kind of his lot in life), and charted out some dark territory for him to get lost in before he can emerge back into the light of redemption and purpose.

He has also, just for funsies, and because The Victorius Revolution, while free-standing, is part of a (much, much) larger story, briefly encountered another character, who is, so far, just a bit player in his story, but figures quite prominently in the larger work, though in a behind-the-scenes kind of way.  Huzzah for intertextuality!

Obligatory note:  If you would like to follow Lee’s adventures more directly, all you have to do is go here and donate ten American dollars any money at all to the Clarion Foundation.  Do that, and I’ll send you the password for the draft, which is here on my blog and updated at least a couple of times a week.

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