Notes on the Temporary Hiatus, or What I’ve Been Up To in the World Outside My Head

To those concerned that I have fallen off the face of the Earth, or just stopped posting new updates to the Victorius Revolution, fear not.  True, it has been some weeks since the last episode updated, but do not despair.  There will be more, and soon.  It is just that I have been overengaged in the going to places and the doing of things and have suffered a lack of available time and mental bandwidth for the crafting of fiction, which period of overengagement seems (hopefully) to be coming to an end.

The primary culprit was my return this year, after a long hiatus, to Burning Man, which production, even done last-minute and on the fly, as was done by me, takes up a good deal of time and effort (not to mention money).  In the weeks beforehand, I had to shop, dig through boxes last opened during the first Bush II administration, design and build a shade structure, shop some more, pack, plan, scheme and otherwise provision a trip for two (I took Kendal, who had never been) into the harshest of environments for the most fantabulous of participatory happenings.

Upon my return, I had barely begun to unpack when it was time to head back out, this time to Portland for the Warrior Dash, which I ran in a cheerleader skirt I came up on at Burning Man, along with Kendal (it was her 40th birthday) and her lovely and charming friend Kate.  Together we were Team PFT (for Pink Fuzzy Triangle), and we rocked.

Upon returning from Oregon, I saw Thievery Corporation for the first time, and have been elbows-deep in my duties at Quoin, where I’ve been helping plan our new cocktail menu and setting some delightful infusions going, some just to have around, others part of various plots and plans for later this winter.

I did, however, manage to squeeze out a quick-n-dirty first draft of a short story for an anthology, so I haven’t been entirely idle, writing-wise, and though life promises to stay interesting for the foreseeable future, I will be returning to my writing desk with the proverbial vengeance soon.  I have a couple of stories that are crying out for a second draft, that I might send them out into the world, and I want to get back into the Victorius Revolution, because it’s been so much fun, and because I still have Company Girl, the novel I wrote last November-March, sitting in the back of my mind sending messages about the shape it wants to take in its next incarnation, and which I am eager to begin refashioning.

So yeah, things’re afoot, and there will be writing soon.  I promise.  I mean, I have to now, right?  I wrote it on the internet.  Nobody ever lies on the internet.

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