My Mind is a Raging Torrent*


I have too many irons in my creative fire right now.

It’s my own fault.  There were a couple of months recently when I was working a lot and didn’t have time to write (correction: didn’t make time to write).  Without conscious direction, my creative subconscious likes to go all monkey-mind on me, and just putter around in the workshop, tinkering with this and that project or half-formed idea lying about in various stages of completion. 

Now I’ve got time to write, and I’m ready to do it (I wrote almost a thousand words tonight), I’m just not ready to proceed on the stuff I’m supposed to be working on right now.

It’s funny.  It’s been like pulling teeth to get work done this week (those of you who’re fb friends already know this).  I mean, I’ve even started blogging again (case in point).  But then tonight I got all inspired and kicked out a thousand new words.  On a project so far back on the back-burner that it should barely be simmering, at least as far as my planned writing schedule goes.

Hilarious, I know.  I think so too.

Still, new words is new words, and I am interested in sussing out that project (a novel-length extension of a short story I wrote a while back), for which I’ve had lots of fun ideas.  But the last thing I need is a new thing to work on.

I’m just going to think of this as warming up, getting the word-wrestling muscles limbered up.  A chance to practice some of the new tricks I’m trying out.  Next week I’ll have a solid block of time and I can dive into one of the two things I should legitimately be working on, and it’s gonna be awesome.  Just you wait and see.



[* As to whether I use my tongue purtier than a twenty-dollar whore, YMMV.]

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