Irony is Spinning in Its Unmarked Grave

Because of course Donald Trump hired Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz.

“Obviously, Trump was going to hire him, regardless of the credible allegations of rape against a minor that have been leveled against Dershowitz. That’s icing on the goddamn cake for Trump. Because he wants to make a complete mockery of this impeachment, because he knows he can, and he will still win.

That’s why he also hired Ken Starr, who pushed for impeachment against Bill Clinton because of a lie Clinton made in a deposition about an affair he’d had with Monica Lewinsky.”

One thought on “Irony is Spinning in Its Unmarked Grave

  1. I like your new blog site :). Everything for trump from day 1 has been about the media spin. It’s a truthless, morally relative vortex where everything has a catch or an ulterior motive.

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