Charlie Pierce With Some Truth For Your Ass

I endorse this times a thousand, a million, a googolplex:

“Anybody who wants my vote in November had better commit to cleaning out the whole Augean stables of this administration*. If that means putting people in jail, so be it. If that means clawing back billions of dollars of ill-gotten, shady profits, bring out the earth-movers. If that means exposing to public scrutiny and anger every single crooked nickel that has passed through this administration, well, then, if Jared and Ivanka end up sleeping under cardboard in Lafayette Park, that wouldn’t make me sad at all.

I don’t want conciliation if this president* loses in the fall. I don’t want to look forward and not backwards, and I sure as hell don’t want to turn any pages. I want democratic government restored to its full and righteous power until the last slime that has seeped into our institutions has been burned away with god’s own blessed fire. This isn’t vengeance. It’s justice, full, transparent and complete. And it is our common right to see it done.”

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