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Making Craft Cocktails Happen Fast: an Example

So, the other day I did some writing about the tension between the care and time involved in making craft cocktails and the realities of putting a drink in front of everyone in the room that wants one.  I did a lot of talking about how you need to figure out beforehand how you’re going … Continue reading

An Open Letter to our European Visitors, From the Service Industry Professionals of the United States

We know you know you’re supposed to tip, and how much.  We hear you joking about it at your table sometimes (more of us are bi- and multilingual than you think).  So come on, guys.  Cut the crap and do the right thing.  This is how we earn our living. Sincerely, the Service Industry Professionals … Continue reading

Dealing with Aggressive Drunks (and, to some extent, everyone else) Part 1of a Series

One of the less-than-wholly-awesome upshots of alcohol’s disinhibiting effect is that it makes people who are angry on the inside angry on the outside, too, and one of the lesser joys of the mixological craft is that you’re going to have to deal with those people face-to-face.  I’ll give you an example.  This happened to … Continue reading

Why I ID You (even if I know you’re of age)

I’ve been helping to train up some people at the bar lately, and in the course of my discursions on the subject have gotten to thinking about why I do some of the things I do behind the bar.  One of those things is I ID any- and everyone I have even the slightest question … Continue reading


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