Website Name Change

Those few of you who regularly wander through this obscure yet fascinating corner of the internet may have noticed that the banner atop the site has changed.

When I first set up this site, and named it Soft Apocalypse, I honestly had no idea that a guy named Will McIntosh had written a book by that name.  It may very well be that the phrase floated my way through the aethosphere, but my subjective experience was one of those aha! moments we creative sorts live for.  It seemed to perfectly describe an important aspect of my own work (most particularly the GoATDaD universe), and I’ve always thought that there was a lot of interesting territory to map in a setting where the old order is collapsing but chaos or a new order have yet to take hold.  The concept of soft apocalypse (as well as its delectable mouthfeel) seemed to capture that perfectly.  So I went with it.

Sometime later, I became aware of Mr. McIntosh’s book Continue reading “Website Name Change”