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An Open Letter to Elected Democrats

Left unchecked, the present Administration and Congress are going to unwind a century’s progress. The only option open to a person of conscience is unflinching and disciplined opposition. Continue reading


The Limits of Argument

In my experience, if you actually want to change someone’s mind, the best you can do is plant a seed and hope it takes root. And to do that, you have to find common ground to plant it in. It’s surprisingly easy to do if you start from a position of respect. Continue reading

Hillary, Bernie, and Me

I know it sounds strange to hear it, but there’s seriously never been a better time to be a progressive. Continue reading

This Is What Democracy Looks Like, a Report from the Washington State Caucuses

However annoying it gets, however inevitably disorganized and ad hoc, the same thought always runs through my head when I’m at one: This is what democracy looks like. Continue reading

Planting Seeds in Common Ground, or Why Don’t These A-holes Agree With Me?

If you actually want to change someone’s mind, and not just fight them, you have to establish some common ground. Then you can plant a seed. And if you’re lucky, it’ll grow. Continue reading


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