This Quote Struck Me

From Graham Greene’s The Third Man:

“Human nature too has curious twisted reasons that the heart certainly knows nothing of. It eased the conscience of many small men to feel that they were working for an employer: they were almost as respectable soon in their own eyes as wage-earners; they were one of a group, and if there was guilt, the leaders bore the guilt. A racket works very like a totalitarian party.”

Irony is Spinning in Its Unmarked Grave

Because of course Donald Trump hired Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz.

“Obviously, Trump was going to hire him, regardless of the credible allegations of rape against a minor that have been leveled against Dershowitz. That’s icing on the goddamn cake for Trump. Because he wants to make a complete mockery of this impeachment, because he knows he can, and he will still win.

That’s why he also hired Ken Starr, who pushed for impeachment against Bill Clinton because of a lie Clinton made in a deposition about an affair he’d had with Monica Lewinsky.”

A New Way to Build Houses and Buildings

This looks like something I’ll want to learn more about:

“It will be a disaster if we try to accommodate a rising, urbanizing 21st century population with buildings made of concrete and steel, just as it will be a disaster if we try to do it with energy generated from fossil fuels.

Mass timber appears to be the only viable alternative. And it’s cool! It cuts down on waste and costs, opens up the possibility of factory-based mass production of low-cost housing, and has sparked the interest and creativity of the building community.”

Supporting a Politician is Not Pledging Loyalty Forever

This times a goddam million:

“The idea that our politicians have to be relatable and “likeable” to be electable doesn’t do much in terms of actually creating change that will benefit people. At a time when many people rely on GoFundMe to afford their medical bills and children are wearing bulletproof backpacks to kindergarten, I don’t really care if my politician is meme-able or TikTok savvy. I just need to know they can help the people who need it the most, even if it means falling short of the perfection stan culture expects.”