So, Congress Probably Has Coronavirus

“Both lawmakers fell ill shortly after voting in the House early Saturday morning on a coronavirus relief package, when more than 400 members gathered and mingled together in the House chamber.”

Bernie needs to step back and let other progressive leaders flourish — especially women |

I agree with Amanda Marcotte:

“In the face of his evident primary defeat, therefore, the best thing Sanders can do to prove that this is about “us” and not “me” is to step back as the leader and let others come forward, younger figures who may be better positioned than Sanders to expand the progressive base past that ceiling Sanders keeps hitting. Bernie can do one last, big thing for the progressive movement to which he’s dedicated his life in politics:  Let others take over, especially younger women, as we move into the third decade of the 21st century.”–especially-women/

Damon Young on How White Supremacy Fked Up the Coronavirus Response

White people: we’ll destroy the whole goddam world before we give up our spot on top of the hill shit flows down.

“For her to admit that the coronavirus is real, would be to admit that Trump was wrong. And if Trump was wrong, we were right. And if we were right—about anything, ever—the genuinely psychotic belief that whiteness grants her a ceaseless exception, exempting her from this sort of harm, crumbles with it

Unfortunately, for us—and for them, the true believers, too—our federal government took its cues from him. The sluggishness in our national response is mostly due to the president’s yawning narcissism, as he attempted to minimize the threat because it might damage his reelection chances, and also attempted to find a way to monopolize a possible vaccine, and is also attemptingto brand the coronavirus as “Chinese” because a brand allows for blame, as he’s diametrically opposed to accepting any himself. He also happens to be uniquely unqualified for this sort of challenge. His usual tactics of bullying, shaming, insulting, tantrum throwing, and tweeting ain’t shit against this disease, and thousands of Americans will die because the virus of white supremacy built super highways for it.

This—death—has always been the natural endgame of white supremacy. Of course, those who pay metaphysical tithes to it don’t actively wish to die, as they believe that what they’re doing is an act of preservation. Self-preservation, but preservation nonetheless. But this fealty to hierarchy prioritizes the status of whiteness over everything else and regards anything that appears to defy the tenets of it as alien. A threat. A danger. A lie.”

Justice Dept. abandons prosecution of Russian firm indicted in Mueller election interference probe – The Washington Post

Because this isn’t squirrely at all:

“Assistants to U.S. Attorney Timothy Shea of Washington and Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers cited an unspecified “change in the balance of the government’s proof due to a classification determination,” according to a nine-page filing accompanied by facts under seal.”

Rebecca Traister: This Is How the Establishment Maintains Its Grip

“This is what it means to have an Establishment really bear down on a contest, bringing the full weight of its media, its institutions, and its party. But Establishment thinking — which often includes sexism, racism, and anti-left bias — doesn’t just operate in opposition to any would-be interlopers or disruptors. It also gets those interlopers to replicate its attitudes and aim them at each other. A primary race is the perfect place to perform this trick, since support for competing candidates naturally turns partisan and ideological allies against each other.

So there were the Chapo Trap House guys tearing into Warren, and Jacobin writers seeding doubt about her having been a public-school teacher or experienced pregnancy discrimination, while the National Organization for Women proclaimed last week that Sanders had done “next to nothing for women” (despite a robust history of advocating for them). Warren supporters began to see a left that leveraged racism and sexism in order to find common ground with right-wing resentments and cast feminism and the desire for a progressive female president as fundamentally conservative; some Bernie supporters began to see feminism, and the focus on a female candidate, standing in opposition to their preferred candidate, as being more concerned with individual advancement than the success of a left-wing campaign that could deliver policies that would be better for all women.

This is how Establishment maintains its grip: left feminists vilify feminism, and feminist leftists vilify leftism, and everyone is doing the work of the white capitalist patriarchy, and neither CNN nor the DNC has to lift a finger.”