Why is QAnon?

Now, I’m just some dumb asshole with a computer, just like you, and I hope it would be obvious that each believer will have their own special snowflake configuration of reasons and circumstance. But based on my experience and observation, it mostly seems to come down to three things:

  1. Conspiracy theories are attractive because they make sense out of a world far too complex for most, possibly all, humans to fully or even usefully comprehend. There are too many actors, too many agendas, too many forces at work at every level of action and perception. By positing a force both nebulous and powerful enough to steer the course of world events, the believer obtains a frame through which everything can be made to make sense.
  2. Once they’ve bought in, it’s extremely difficult, even impossible, for most people to admit they made a mistake. Especially, in my experience, people who see the world through a hierarchical lens, with themselves at or near the top of said hierarchy. Their privilege, in this view, stems from their virtue. Admitting error tarnishes that virtue, endangering the privilege and making the hierarchy wobble. Nobody likes when their worldview starts showing cracks in the facade, much less the foundation.
  3. Last — and in this case, I fear, most compelling — by projecting such evil debasement onto their adversaries, believers in QAnon and other similar conspiracies not only validate the visceral hate they have cultivated and been encouraged to cultivate by their leaders for those adversaries, they liberate themselves to act on that hate, without quarter, hesitation, or mercy, even making it, in their eyes, a positive moral duty to give in to the violent and/or oppressive impulses that so often follow such visceral hatred.

That’s my two cents. Your mileage may vary.

DKE-19 Outbreak Threatens COVID-19 Response

“DKE-19 is in the same family of misinformation viruses as the one that caused the b00m3R-FB outbreak in 2016. It is transmitted person-to-person through a variety of means, including listening to/repeating bullshit while on the toilet (“feco-aural transmission”), and sharing dirty tweedles.

Transmission most often occurs through casual digital contact from asymptomatic individuals. This strain tends to be hidden in well-intended partial truths, making population detection more difficult. DKE-19 can hide in viral reservoirs throughout the internet. Once infection takes hold, DKE-19 is exceedingly difficult to treat. Several cases of second-hand craniofacial injury have been reported, related to collisions between desks and actual experts’ heads.”


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Petr Knava on the Opportunity the Coronavirus Shutdown Offers

“COVID-19 could be a truly paradigm-shattering thing. People are waking up to the rotten underpinnings of our broken society. Class consciousness is stirring like it hasn’t in a long time. If married effectively to an ecological mindset, it has the potential to build a better world for everyone. If we seize the reins effectively and decide en masse to do away with the exploitative capitalist model that has led us to this point, and we have the courage to face up against the elites who will do everything in their power to fight back against us, then we have a once in a lifetime chance to turn this ship around, and to make the human experiment into something wonderful, instead of down a tragic dead end.”


Republicans are actually supervillains: They profited while abandoning us to coronavirus | Salon.com

“At least three Republican senators — Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr of North Carolina, Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, and Kelly Loeffler of Georgia — all unloaded large amounts of stock before the crash, and the question is whether they did so because they were apprised of the dangers of the coronavirus and the fact that this crash was almost certainly coming. If so, that’s especially sinister, since all three of them misled the public about the real dangers of the virus and Trump’s refusal to do anything about it until it was too late. All of which paints a picture of people who not only lie to the public, but make money off doing so.”


Nice to See Someone Admit It

Stuart Stevens on how Republicans got us here:

What is happening now is the inevitable result of a party that embraced fear, weaponized xenophobia and regarded facts as dangerous, left-wing landmines that must be avoided.


Over the past few years, when ramming through conservative judges, Republicans have crowed, “Elections have consequences.” That’s true.


It’s something to think about when sitting at home not watching sports and wondering how long it will be until you can find out if that nasty cold you have is something more.”