Smart Take on the Warren/Sanders Thing

Rebecca Traister is one of my favorite writer/thinkers:

What has been exposed here are some of the complicated, painful, difficult dynamics that have kept women from the presidency for the country’s entire history. Among those dynamics is the chilling fact that talking in any kind of honest way about marginalization becomes a trap for the marginalized. To acknowledge the realities of running as a woman — the double standards, the higher bars, the demands for likability and relatability in a nation that mostly only relates to and likes dudes; the need to be authoritative but not hectoring; to be smart but not a know-it-all; to be cool but not fake; to be warm but not a mommy; to be maternal but not too soft; to have the contours of your life, from your breasts to your skin-care routines to your maternity leaves, treated as foreign and weird and maybe counterfeit by a political media that’s never had to take this stuff seriously before; to be honest but not actually tell the truth about any of this stuff because you’ll sound like a whiner — is a trap. You will be understood as trying to leverage the bleak unfairness of it all to your benefit: as if you are the one to enter the arena with the advantage of getting to cry “Sexism!” and not with the multiple disadvantages of … sexism.”

WTH, Bernie?

“The campaign script signals a break from the predominantly positive tone Warren and Sanders have adopted throughout the campaign. While Sanders has been critical of other Democratic rivals, particularly Biden, he and Warren, longtime friends, have largely abstained from attacking one another despite regular prodding from reporters.

But with voting now just weeks away, the competition between the two is intensifying.”

The Sanders campaign did not challenge the authenticity of the script, but it declined to comment. The Warren campaign also declined to comment.

You can tell who feels vulnerable, cuz they always swing first.

They’ve Been Getting Away With It For Decades

Ukrainegate follows exactly the same pattern as Nixon’s 1968 machinations, Reagan’s alleged 1980 Iran plot, and Trump’s overtures to Russia in 2016: In all four cases, a Republican candidate solicited foreign interference in a pending election. If Republicans tolerated the earlier offenses, then why should they impeach over Ukrainegate? In the context of this history, Ukrainegate is no scandal but Republican standard operating procedure.

Surprising No One

A Justice Department inquiry launched more than two years ago to mollify conservatives clamoring for more investigations of Hillary Clinton has effectively ended with no tangible results, and current and former law enforcement officials said they never expected the effort to produce much of anything.