2020 Election

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Towards a Progressive Foreign Policy

One of the best — if not first — articulations of a genuinely progressive foreign policy. Continue reading

Dem Darn Debates, The Third

They actually touched a little on things like foreign policy and trade, which a President has a whole hell of a lot more to do with than health care Continue reading

The Blue Senate Project

There’s an old saying: two out of three ain’t bad. This time, though, two out of three ain’t enough. Continue reading

Elizabeth Warren is the Real Deal

Sometimes life gives you that unambiguously good choice, the one that seems too good to be true. When it does, you have to make that leap of faith, and believe. Continue reading

Make America What Again?

Even were it possible to return to whatever passed for normal before — and it isn’t — such a return is not even desirable, both on its own merits and in light of the challenges we face. Continue reading

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