Charlie Pierce is Right: Warren was More of a Threat to the Oligarchy Than Sanders

That’s why they took her down:

“Instead, and accepting that sexism and misogyny were marbled throughout everything about the campaign, I think what did her in was her ideas. She committed herself to a campaign specifically to fight political corruption, both the legal and illegal kind. As an adjunct to that, she marshaled her long fight against the power of money in our politics and monopoly in our economy. And, opposed to Bernie Sanders, whose answer to how to wage the fight is always the power of his “movement,” which so far hasn’t been able to break through against Joe Biden, she put out detailed plans on how to do it. That made her much more of a threat to the money power than Sanders, who is easily dismissed as a fringe socialist by the people who buy elections and own the country.”


Charlie Pierce on Why He Voted for Elizabeth Warren

If you know me, you know this guy is not only one of my favorite writers, but my go-to guy when it comes to knowing what’s what about politics while wanting the same things:

“The basics, first. I voted for her because I know her and her husband, Bruce Mann, and I like them very much. But, besides that, I think she is so obviously the right person for this particular moment in time that it’s almost not worthy of discussion. She has the right combination of righteous anger, uncompromising vision, and policy chops to meet the times ahead.

Democratic Presidential Candidates Attend First In The South Dinner In South Carolina
I went over to City Hall this afternoon and voted for Elizabeth Warren for president.

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In addition, I admire how she has resolutely refused to be the suicide bomber dispatched to blow up the Sanders campaign on behalf of some bed-wetting Republican exiles and a bunch of Democratic moderates who have proven to be inadequate to the task of running against each other, let alone Sanders. (By the way, Joe Biden is beginning to slip, visibly, and not just in the polls, either.) I respect the fact that, as we learned over the weekend, she scared the hell out of Michael Bloomberg long before she handed him his freshly extracted viscera the other night. (She also makes Mark Zuckerberg nervous, which is a very good thing.) I admire also her ability to see past the end of her nose and to recognize that, if she had managed to sink Sanders, she would be the next target of the people who hate the ideas they share and, for that matter, any progressive renaissance in the running of the country. So that’s what I did on Tuesday at noontime.”